About the College
  School of Continuing Educationsituated in the northern campus of South China University of Technology (SCUT), is responsible for adult higher education, modernized long-distance education, self-taught examination of higher education, as well as teaching and management of non-degree continuing education of the university. The School is also the management agency of the Teaching Guiding Commission on Adult Higher Education of SCUT, the Management Commission on Non-degree Continuing Education of SCUT and the Self-taught Examination Commission of SCUT.

  Adult higher education of the university started quite early. In 1956, its correspondence courses and evening courses were approved by the State Ministry of Education. In 1987, the State Education Council approved the establishment ofSchoolofAdult Education, which was renamed asSchoolofContinuing Educationin 2001.OpenCollegewas founded in 1999 and Internet Education College in 2000. Then in January, 2008, the three schools (Continuing Education school, Internet school and Open school) were integrated into one scholl, a brand-new Continuing Education school. After years of experiment and practice, the school has set up a highly effective teaching management and quality guarantee system, as well as various modes of joint program. The school is organized by a lively and unique staff and equipped with a continuing education system of adult higher education, modernized long-distance education, self-taught examination of higher education, as well as teaching and daily management of non-degree continuing education. It has created a life-long education system, combined with modern technology, which is characterized by the advantages of SCUT, to meet with the social reform.     

  The School’s higher education for adults actively meets the requirement of the country and regional economy construction and social development. So far, it has set over 80 characteristic majors in 12 fields, covering diploma degree courses and bachelor degree course. There are over 14000 adult students in the school. The school duly adjusts the educational views, deepens the teaching reforms, control the teaching quality and aims to cultivatehigh-quality, application-oriented talentswho have competitive sense, creative spirit and practical ability. It has provided the country,particularly forGuangdong's economic construction and social development, with a strong and reliable personnel security and knowledge support.The school is honored as “the cradle for engineers”, “the base of knowledge and technology creation”, as well as “the best among the universities of science and technology in the southern part ofChina”.

  In 2000, the university became one of the key universities which were the first batch of pilot units approved by the Ministry of Education, to implement the modern long-distance education. Since it was founded, theInternetEducationSchoolhas focused on the education quality, scale expansion and brand building. It has succeeded in the “jointly constructing” educational mode, making good use of the resources from the society. Taking resource construction as the leading role, it values curricula resources construction, and initiates teaching projects to attract excellent teachers to be involved in the internet education. By adopting university-industry collaboration in running the school, theInternetSchoolhas enrolled over ten thousand students. The program “The exploration and practice of pilot modernized long-distance education of South China University of Technology” earns the first prize on the fifth higher education teaching rewarding fair of Guangdong province, and in 2005, the program was rewarded as the excellent information constructor of education in China; in 2007, the courses such as “Advanced Programming Language Design C++”, ”Criminal Jurisprudence”, and “College English” were honored as national top internet courses. TheInternetSchoolwas honored as “the most popular top ten internet education schools” in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

  The Continuing Education School set the open school as the platform to explore the new mode of open education. It takes advantage of the role of organizing the self-taught examination. Based on the good momentum of development in self-taught learning and social aid learning, the school actively explores and stimulates the experimental work on the interaction between self-taught examination of higher education and diploma education, in order to open up a new way of international adult education. Up to now, the Continuing Education School has 6 majors for diploma students to choose to get bachelor degree. It also works jointly with other 10 domestic diploma schools and several foreign colleges like Seneca College of Applied arts and Technology, Kaplan Higher Education,MurdochUniversity,MonroeCollege, andCurtinUniversity. The school has an established reputation of having excellent teaching staff and facilities, unique operational mode and strict management.

  The Continuing Education School has set up International Education Department, IT Program Training Department, Management Staff Training Department and Vocational Skills Training Department, with the purpose of giving full play to the advantages of the university’s disciplines, teaching staff and brand influence. The training courses are designed particularly for staff from local governments, and business ventures, covering different levels of non-degree training education. The School organized management staff training courses for the trainees from such provinces asHeNan,GuizhouandGuangDong, and worked jointly some enterprises to hold training classes for their managing staff and workshops for senior professional managers. The college also provides training and examination for qualification certificates and vocational training courses. Nowadays, the college has test centers for various testing services and training bases, such as National Equipment Supervisor training test centre, Measurement Control and Instrumentation Engineer qualification application training test centre, the National Nutritionist training base, Chinese Pottery Vocational Skill Training Base, GuangDong Professional and Technical Personnel Training Base, Party and Government Cadres Training Base for the City of Zhengzhou, Test Site for Public English Test System.      

  The Continuing Education School will further emancipate its mind, maintain “scientific development”, promote the construction of a harmonious school andgive full play to the supervision by the college party committee over the work of the school. It will also devote itself to seizing opportunities and regulating the organizational system to realize the harmonious development of the scale, structure, quality and effectiveness of the continuing education. The school will keep in mind the concept of pan-education and extended training, and realize step by step the transformation from condition-oriented development to requirement-oriented development, from degree-education to balancing degree-education and non-degree education; from schooling education to balancing schooling education and other forms of education. The school will work hard to forge its brand and build it into a leading educational institution that is influential both at home and abroad, especially inSouth China.