Adult Education for Diploma and Bachelor Degree

  Higher education for adults in South China University of Technology (SCUT) started as early as 1956 when correspondence courses and evening courses were approved by the Ministry of Education. In 1957, SCUT established Correspondence Education Division. In December 1987, EducationCollegefor Adults of SCUT was set up with the approval of the Ministry of Education, and starting from 2001, the college has been called Continuing Education College (CEC).

  CEC has taken the initiative in meeting the needs of national and regional economic and social developments. We now have over 80 majors in 12 different fields with students studying for diplomas or degrees. Currently we have more than 14,000 students. CEC has been adjusting its education concepts, continuing its educational reforms and improving its educational quality. Its objectives have been to develop high-quality talents with competitive awareness, innovative spirit and practical experiences. Thus, we can provide strong support for economic and social development inGuangdongas wellChinaoverall. So far, CEC in SCUT, which is a top university of science and technology inSouth China, has been honored “the cradle of engineers”, “the base for knowledge and technical innovation”.