Management Cadre Training Program

  Cadre Training Program is a well-accepted program for non-degree education in Continuing Education College (CEC). These years by taking advantage of the existing colleges and faculty of SCUT (South China University of Technology), one of the key universities in China, CEC has successfully held dozens of Cadre Training short-term programs. The trainees, who are from different provinces and cities, honored CEC as “the leading academy” for Cadre Training Program

  Advantages of Training Programs in CEC
 ØRich Experiences in Training
  Since 2005, CEC has held dozens of short-term cadre training programs for different provinces (Guangdong,Henan,Guizhou,Liaoning,Sichuan,Qinghai, etc.). This produces a large number of talents in administration and technology, who will contribute much to the development of bothGuangdongand other areas inChina. At the same time, such programs help CEC accumulate rich experiences in cadre training.

 ØAdvanced Curriculum
CEC models its training programs after classic courses and modifications are made to cater for different trainees. In this way, both authority and effectiveness are ensured and we are aiming to set good examples for all other cadre training programs in China.

 ØProfessional Management
  CEC is equipped with an efficient and professional management team which is especially experienced in training. More importantly, the team has been providing the trainees with excellent teaching administration and logistical services.

 ØPowerful Teaching Faculty
Teachers in CEC are those excellent ones in SCUT, best professors inGuangdongand experts in the related fields. We also have a large talents pool, including famous training tutors in all eminent universities and training canters as well as experienced authorities from the government. With such powerful faculty, we believe all kinds of requests from the trainees can be satisfied.