Self-taught Examination for Higher Education for Diploma and Bachelor Degree

  Open College, one division under Continuing Education College (CEC) of South China University of Technology (SCUT), has been developing a new mode of higher education. SCUT being one of the organizers of Self-taught Examinations for Higher Education (SEHE), CEC has an apparent advantage. Besides keeping the good tradition of developing self-learning abilities, CEC is exploring and promoting the cooperation between SEHE and higher vocational education, with the objective of opening up a new path for internationalized adult education. Currently, CEC has eight majors for students studying for both diplomas and degrees, and six majors for students studying for a bachelor’s degree.

  Since it was established,OpenCollegehas been emphasizing its teaching function for SEHE. Adopting “enrolling with less requirement, graduating with strict requirement” as a new principle in higher education, Open College has educated more than 20,000 talented personnel, whose technological capacities have earned good reputation among employers.