Sino-foreign Joint Program

  South China University of Technology (SCUT) was founded in 1952, reputed with a long history and culture. SCUT has a good tradition in its powerful science and engineering researches as well as its meticulous scholarship. Anational key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education in China, SCUT is one of the universities in “the 211 project” (financially supported by National Finance Ministry), and “the 985 project” (for key construction universities). SCUT has won the fame of “the cradle of engineers and entrepreneurs” as well as “the base for knowledge and technical innovation”.

  The International Department of Continuing Education College (CEC) provides exclusive services with various joint programs between SCUT and other world-famous universities overseas. With SCUT’s existing quality teaching and research resources as well as its brand advantages as a key university in China, CEC has been cooperating with well-known universities overseas ever since 2004. After these years’ practice, CEC has established a characteristic system of international education. It is currently in cooperation with the following universities fromAustralia, theU.S.A, Canada and Singapore: Curtin University, Murdoch University, Monroe College, Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, and Kaplan Higher Education. The joint programs are set at different levels for students’ varied needs: programs for diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.

  These joint programs aim to provide students with high-quality internationalized courses, making the best use of resources of both SCUT and the overseas schools. Students can master the updated professional knowledge in the overseas college as well as being educated in SCUT. With such education, students will develop their international awareness besides practical proficiency in English, which enables them to be highly competitive in the job market, especially for international companies. Up till now, around 500 students have been educated here and sent abroad for further study. Among them, some have graduated with a degree, some are continuing their further education, while some have chosen to stay abroad taking up a job there.

  The joint programs mainly enroll high school graduates or those with similar education background. They will study full-time for one year in SCUT, taking English courses and some basic professional courses. Passing all the courses and achieving the required English proficiency, students will be admitted by the overseas colleges, where they go on with their study to complete their degree courses. The lessons students take in SCUT are either English or bi-lingual, given by either Chinese teachers who have overseas experiences or foreign teachers sent by the overseas colleges. Students have a large varieties of majors to choose from, ranging from science, engineering to business and economics: biology technology, sustainable energy management, software technology, internet technology, building environment and engineering, accounting, banking, financing, human resources management, management, marketing, economics, international economy and trade, logistics, hospitality and tourism management, business management. These majors are all well-chosen for students based on the market demand at present and in the future, so we believe our students will have a promising prospect for overseas employment.

  The International Department also provides short-term English training courses for any students.

  Have the dream and ambition to study abroad? Or simply want to improve your English? You are all welcome here in CEC of SCUT!